Jim Kent: Coming out of lockdown, where do you go now?  – 10 different ways to choose your goals.
We are happy to announce that on Fridays in July we are arranging training sessions with four professionals. All sessions are linked to how to find new opportunities in the current situation and how to be able to move forward in these challenging times. This situation demands us all to rethink aspects of what we do and transform them to sustainable business models.

About the session
As we emerge out of lockdown, the economy is changing fast. Which creates challenges and opportunities for us all. Those that are able to transform will be able to achieve success. A key part of that is identifying and setting new goals for ourselves. Come and discover the way that other successful business people set their goals. Come and be motivated to reach yours.

About the trainer
Jim Kent is known as a broadcaster who has subsequently helped independents and managers from SME’s answer key questions about themselves, their objectives and the way they achieve them. For the last 2 years Jim has been working for the European Commission where he has trained teams all over Europe, helping them to function better whilst achieving their goals. You will also find him, facilitating decision making by BoD's and management teams in his capacity as a member of the IAF.

General information
Online / In person: The first 8 applicants for each course can attend in person, in COVID-19 compliant training rooms at Foundry Luxembourg. Additional applicants will be able to view the session as an interactive webinar through Google classroom. The streaming link will be shared with the confirmed participants close to the event.

Venue: 38 Route d’Esch, 1470 Luxembourg 

Requirements for attendance: No specific background/education is demanded to participate in the training sessions.

Fees: EUR 50+VAT/- per session

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Date & Topic & Trainers

July 10th Grainne Corr: “How to improve your resilience coming out of lockdown?”
July 17th  Jean-Marc Fandel: “Fit4Resilience: a state-sponsored transformation program”
July 24th Patrizia Luchetta: “How to transform your business approach in challenging times”