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The creative business environment where people come together and ideas come to life.


Foundry is uniquely suitable.

It is not a traditional corporate building - instead it offers a relaxed setting with stimulating art in a versatile space that can be configured to your needs. The open floor plan has multi-faceted closed office or open desk spaces with plenty of natural light throughout, 2-story eclectic lounge areas, space for meetings and events (large or small), a café and large garden, together creating an oasis for work and a creative space to grow your business, inspired by art and a thriving community in the heart of the city.


Foundry is like a toolbox. Different shapes are built using the toolbox, to represent the different offered services and core components of what we are.

An inspiring community.

At Foundry we are building an inspiring community where innovative people meet in a meaningful way a community where businesses support one another. This is not only about having a shared working environment, but also about a pool of skill sets. It’s about shared services that go beyond office space or plain domiciliation. It’s about creating an ecosystem of its own.

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