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The Current Exhibition at Foundry.

"Recently my work is very well in tune with the old masters.

'Apocalypsis' struck me immediately as a Title, when I saw it hovering on the worldwide network.

Seemingly, my whole Body of work is always levitating around that Theme, as long as I can remember. I have a very vast variety of Artwork that I created throughout the years, and what always fascinated me as an all-time favourite, was the circle of life. Life and Death, Good and Evil, Lightness versus Darkness. The ultimate

Duality of things. One, can never go without the other.

Anything that is alive, will die eventually, but will imminently give life again as soon as its decayed. The fascination of life and death is ever so present with stupid Covid shoving our day to day lives up in limbo

Apocalypse, here we are.

Hello Covid, you made it just in time.

My relation towards the Apocalypse is simple: its everyday present. It comes in a variety of forms, but my main concern would be in the form of the Internet. It gives us the impression to be 'connected', but in reality we are all so 'disconnected' of everything. its painful to watch. What is fake, what is not fake. Here it is again:


Anyways, coming back to paintings: Old School, back to basics, back to things that can be touched, such as brushes or fabric, wood and pigments. Personally. I never have worked in woodcut, although I have worked in dry-point etching and linocuts, in my early artistic years.

The things that I paint are my very vivid imagination, that what you cannot touch, trying to get it visualized for people to see it."

- Anne Lindner, Artist

Anne Lindner.jpeg

We also have the pleasure of working with Oksana Polyanska and her incredibly talented network of artists in the building’s first floor.

For this time, we have the pleasure of working with Edward Welter, an outstanding artist with the objective of evoking a rainbow of feelings.

We invite you to his Vernissage on 08.06.23, at 6pm, in Foundry's First Floor


When conceptualizing ARTSCAPE Contemporary Art Luxembourg in June 2015, the founders Christine Kieffer (business manager) and Stefanie Zutter (art historian) envisaged a first market gallery that puts artists first and contributes to the local community by organizing monographic and group exhibitions in a variety of public spaces without a permanent residence. “The nomadic way of working allows us to break down some of the barriers between the gallery and the outside world,” say the founders.

From the very beginning, the founders focused on establishing strong connections with the Luxembourg art and business worlds. For their first project, they invited French-German artist Susanne Strassmann to a two-week performance during which she painted a series of portraits on site in Luxembourgish companies. These commissions, originating in the world of business, combined with paintings from the artists’ studio, formed the People/Identities solo show in a high-profile business club in the Luxemburgish old city.

A call for artists!

Foundry’s ground floor hosts a rotating art exhibition provided by international and local artists.


Every 3-4 months, a new artist joins us to portray their art on our walls. We are very lucky to have worked and work with such talented people who are looking forward to bringing the pop of color to Foundry.

Artista pintando sobre lienzo
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